About Body Check Journal™

Body Check Journal™ is a simple, easy-to-use communication tool that helps you easily track subtle changes in your child’s body. Armed with consistently tracked data, you are powerfully positioned to work in partnership with medical professionals to identify and address atypical health issues. The sooner you can understand what is truly happening in your child’s body, the sooner you can address concerns and restore you child to optimal wellness.

Did You Know? … A wide variety of variables affect your child’s wellness, from diet, sleep, and exercise to weather, medication intake, and emotional status.

When your child’s health is on the line … will you remember all of the details that matter?

 Health care professionals simply cannot address what they do not know.

When details are tracked consistently, this information provides powerful clues and reveals surprising patterns that help illuminate for you and your child’s health care provider which factors are truly impacting your child’s health. The more you know, the faster and more effectively you can address concerns and restore your child to optimal wellness.

Body Check Journals™ offer 3-weeks or 3-months worth of tracking pages along with samples and tips on how to easily complete your child’s daily Body Check.

Friendly Tracking Reminder:
You don’t have to be perfect, just consistent.