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Tips for Better Sleep

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to sleep this soundly? Here are seven tips from Mayo Clinic for better sleep: 1. Stick to a better sleep schedule. 2. Pay attention to what you eat or drink. 3. Create a bedtime ritual. 4. Get comfortable. 5. Limit daytime naps. 6. Include physical activity into your daily schedule. 7.... View Article

Sleep to boost your immune system!

Are YOU getting enough shut-eye each night??? A Carnegie Mellon study (2009) showed that people who sleep fewer than SEVEN hours a night are nearly THREE times more likely to get a cold than those who average eight or more hours of sleep. For people who wake up periodically or have trouble falling asleep, the... View Article

Win $50 Starbucks Gift Card

Happy National Coffee Day! We all know how important caffeine is to busy moms and so, to celebrate, we’re running a fun contest… UPDATE: Congrats to Instagram winner (@retrozebra) and Twitter winner (@2Baway). Thanks to ALL who shared their pics online. You rock!!) Post a pic of your Body Check Journal™ on Instagram and/or Twitter using... View Article

Cheers to #FLBlogCon14 Attendees

Hello to all the fabulous bloggers who attended #FLBlogCon14 today! We hope you had a great day, made wonderful new connections and learned a ton!! We’re thrilled to give you a Body Check Journal™ in your swag bag! By sharing it with your community, you help us reach the moms and dads who REALLY need... View Article

Healthier Ever After Book

Healthier Ever After Book by the Autoinflammatory Alliance

Having to give your child shots can be heartbreaking for a parent… however, it’s up to us to be the strong ones and do what must be done to get our child feeling better. Fortunately, the Autoinflammatory Alliance has come to the rescue! Their fabulous team has written a book to help families with young... View Article

WAAD14 Virtual Worldwide Conference

World AutoImmune Arthritis Day

Body Check Journal is honored and excited to be a part of WAAD14 – World AutoImmune Arthritis Day 2014. This LIVE virtual conference will run 47 hours total in order to be up the full 24 hours on May 20, 2014 in each time zone worldwide! Dawn Veselka, creator of Body Check Journal, will be... View Article

What’s in your pizza?

chihuahua eating pizza

According to Statistic Brain, the average American consumes about 46 slices of pizza each year! (Are you above, at or below average? 🙂 ) Food Investigator, Vani Hari (aka Food Babe), recently shared the findings of her pizza study and the results were startling. Popular pizza brands contain tons of HIDDEN MSG and MSG additives!... View Article

The Assistance Fund and The Harper Family Charitable Foundation

The Assistance Fund Logo

Exciting News! Body Check Journal™ in partnership with The Assistance Fund and The Harper Family Charitable Foundation, inc. will be providing Journals to 325 patients with Multiple Sclerosis to assist in the daily tracking of symptoms and overall wellness. We’re thrilled to see our Body Check Journals™ helping more patients living with chronic illness and... View Article

BMJ regarding Chocolate on Hospital Wards

When I worked in hospital setting, our department was constantly on the receiving end of boxes of chocolate from grateful patients. Perhaps that’s why this “Covert Observational Study” struck a chord. And it WAS the nurses and administrative staff that ate all the good pieces. 🙂 BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) released a cheeky study... View Article