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projectMAD Documentary Orlando Premier

We are thrilled to be a part of Famor Botero’s film, projectMAD which tells the story of Central Florida pediatrician, Dr. Maria Miller, who was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at age 17. This 60 minute film premiered at the Palm Beach Film Festival and was nominated for Best Documentary. Today’s Central Florida premier will be... View Article

Best Kept Secret for Medical Families in Lynchburg

If your family member or loved one is staying at a Centra Health Facility in Lynchburg, VA, then be sure to ask for a referral to the Dawson Inn. This GORGEOUS hospitality house, located at 2012 Tate Springs Road, provides a lovely, quiet place to relax, sleep and recharge during stressful medical situations.    ... View Article

National Fried Chicken Day

In honor of National Fried Chicken Day, we’re sharing our favorite Cracklin’ Chicken recipe from Michelle Tam at Nom Nom Paleo.  {photo credit: Michelle Tam of NomNomPaleo} What’s YOUR favorite Fried Chicken?

World Cup Champions

What a FUN game that was to watch tonight!! Carly Lloyd: Vindication x 3. AMAZING!! Congrats to the U.S. Womens National Soccer Team on their 2015 World Cup Title! We are all so very proud!   Thank you, Abby, for all the amazing memories! You inspire a nation with your enthusiasm and zest for life!

Top Rated non-toxic Sunscreens for Summer

EWG has posted their list of Best Beach and Sport Sunscreens 2015. If you’re looking for a NON-TOXIC sunscreen that WORKS, be sure to check out this list. They tested and rated each one making it easy to find a sunscreen that fits your lifestyle! We were thrilled to see our fave Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Sunscreen... View Article

Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

These muffins are SO delicious that even our picky, gluten-eating friends (both kids AND adults) LOVED them!! 🙂 It’s a great recipe to use if you’re transitioning your child off of gluten, sugar and/or dairy! It features products from some of our favorite healthy go-to brands!   Cinnamon Sugar Muffins Adapted from the recipe by... View Article

Healthy Donuts for National Donut Day!

healthy donut option

Happy National Donut Day!! With Sadie’s #glutenfree #refinedsugarfree diet, the warm Krispie Kreme donuts are no longer something we eat. So, in honor of National Donut Day, we thought we’d share go-to recipe for those times when you just HAVE to HAVE a donut!! 🙂 Coconut Sugar Donuts (adapted from Babycakes recipe) 3/4 C rice... View Article