Healthier Ever After Book

Having to give your child shots can be heartbreaking for a parent… however, it’s up to us to be the strong ones and do what must be done to get our child feeling better.

Healthier Ever After Book by the Autoinflammatory Alliance

Fortunately, the Autoinflammatory Alliance has come to the rescue! Their fabulous team has written a book to help families with young children thrive and cope with frequent (and often painful) injectable medications. Written by a pediatric RN, an LPN, a kindergarden teacher and a professional writer, this book is an invaluable resource that I wish we had had when Sadie was on methotrexate and Enbrel. Healthier Ever After includes tips for helping your child cope, distraction techniques, establishing an injection plan and a scoreboard. It’s a fabulous resource!!

Best of all, because it was funded in part by a grant from Sobi which means that you can order one for only $5. Wow!! Order it here. You’ll be so glad that you did!!

P.S. If you prefer, you can download it here for free. Of course then you won’t get the reusable vinyl stickers or the dry erase pages. But it works in a pinch!


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  • Thank you for sharing this book on your blog! I just received our Body Check Journals, and they are really great. I want to add a review about them to our blog at and have links in some areas. It is a nice, organized book that is easy to use, and well planned.

    Thanks so much!


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