Overwhelming Praise for Body Check Journal™

Overwhelming Praise for Body Check Journal™

“Making those visits to the doctor’s office more productive and more likely to arrive at correct diagnosis/prescription is huge! Body Check Journal™ just earned its permanent place in our medicine cabinet.”

– Gerald, Tulsa, OK

“Life is such a blur with two kids that I can’t remember what I did yesterday never mind what my kids ate for breakfast three days ago. The Body Check Journal™ is a great tool for tracking important details about my kids when I need to be able to get a big picture view of how they’ve been eating, sleeping, and feeling over a specific period of time. It allows me to spot any red flags I might not never see otherwise.”

– Kristin, Orlando, FL

“The Body Check Journal™ is a great way to track my son’s health daily. I was able to pick up on behavior and emotional patterns that I hadn’t noticed in the past just by having access to how long he’d slept each night over the last week at my fingertips. I was able to see at-a-glance how often he was complaining of a headache or how often his asthma symptoms were acting up. I can see how having a Body Check Journal™ for a child with any type of medical issues or for a child who is overall healthy would be a great benefit when trying to make sure that your pediatrician is informed of any complaints. Plus, having several children, I can see how having a journal per child would be a great help in being able to say who started coughing on what day and who was first to show symptoms of an illness if they get sick. This is a great product.”

– Casey, Lewisburg, WV

“Body Check Journal™ helped me discover a trend in my child’s sleeping habits. Just coincidence that he gets tested for sleep problems at the same time I am doing the journal. Very helpful, and I could track his sleep and lack of. It is a great tool for tracking trends in your child’s health!! “

– Kesha, Orlando, FL

“Body Check Journal™ is a great way to keep track of your child health! I always forget to talk to my child’s doctor about something, but with Body Check Journal™ I can write everything down and bring it with me to all appointments! This is especially great for children with health problems that need to be watched closely.”

– Kristin, Ellendale, MN

“Body Check Journal™ is a great way to check in with your child about ongoing health issues or concerns. I see it as a user-friendly way to keep track of changes, concerns, and questions that can easily be discussed with your doctor and other caregivers. Body Check Journal™ simple to use and you can personalize it for your family situation. I can think of several parents who deal with ongoing health challenges in their children that I will absolutely recommend this to right now.”

– Danielle, Lakewood, CO

“Body Check Journal™ is awesome. I love it so much. I realized I had pain in places that I hadn’t before and I noticed how the weather sometimes affected it. Thanks.”

– Abby, age 13, FL

“Yes. It made us very aware of what and how much our daughter is eating. We are TRYING to go “gluten-free”, but are having a hard time sticking with it. It is helpful having Body Check Journal™ because it is so easy to follow, fill out, and find out what is and is not working to decrease arthritic (and other) pain levels.”

– Shannon, TX

“I found the Body Check Journal™ experience very positive for my 10-year old daughter. After just a few days she was really paying attention to the details of her day and seeing a correlation between not drinking enough water and getting headaches. It helped her to really be aware!”

– Jamie, Lindenhurst, IL

“My daughter enjoyed ‘checking in’ every day. I think it made her feel grown up and in control of her body – two things she isn’t most days. I think that if we do Body Check Journal™ for a longer period, she will start to see connections between what she eats and how she acts.”

– Renee, San Jose, CA

“I must admit, with a generally very healthy child I never really conceived of the need for such a tracking tool, but now that I’ve experienced Body Check Journal™, I can truly see the value in it! This really is a genius format for keeping up with all that our little ones are experiencing, and would be worth its weight in gold for any parent trying to pinpoint a source of pain or illness in their child…ultimately there are few of us who would not benefit from such an excellent tool. I’m very happy to have come across Body Check Journal™ and hope to put it to great use from here on out!”

– Kelly, Toronto, ONT

“I am in love with the colors used in Body Check Journal™! The design is beautiful and fun at the same time. You’ve outdone yourself. In the past, I’ve made a thousand notes and posted sticky items everywhere. It was nice to have something to refer to, an all-in-one handy journal. The daily food log was important for us, since my daughter has a metal taste in her mouth from her medication – Body Check Journal™ helped me to identify the items I gave her before that she did not enjoy.”

– Summer, Longwood, FL

“My daughter has a chronic illness, and Body Check Journal™ makes it so much easier to keep track of her diet, medications, and symptoms from day to day. I can take the Body Check Journal™ with me to her check-ups to show her doctor what treatments are helping her best.”

– Julie, Elizabeth City, NC

“This product is awesome! My four year old and I talked each day about paying attention to our bodies to make sure we were growing and healthy. She was very interested!”

– Amour, New Braunfels, TX

“I found Body Check Journal™ a useful resource to record my child’s daily intake, her therapies, my concerns, her medication needs, etc. With her serious diagnoses and early medical history, this was definitely a useful tool!”

– Malia, Fincastle, VA

“Body Check Journal™ helped me with recognizing the days when my child was not feeling so well or crabby, how well she was sleeping, and how many feedings she was needing. It also helped me put into perspective the days when her cough and stuffy nose were worse.”

– Katie, Philip, SD

“Body Check Journal™ is an excellent tool for parents. Even children without chronic health issues can benefit from engaging with the journal! An excellent way for a busy mamma to keep organized.”

– Karina, Racine, WI

“Body Check Journal™ is a great tool for parents and kids, and is a great tool once added to daily routine. It is helpful for mostly healthy kids, but I see it as critical for kids with nebulous complaints and/or chronic conditions.”

– Kris, Sun Prairie, WI

“Body Check Journal™ is a valuable tool in a Mommy arsenal in keeping the children healthy and making those Mommy gut instincts a written, tangible recorded item for follow-up.”

– Susan, Winter Springs, FL

“My 15-year old was hesitant at first, but she ended up thinking Body Check Journal™ is a very good idea so we can remember everything while at her appts.”

– Renee, Lakeland, FL

“Very user friendly and a great way to track your child’s health!”

– Shana, Longwood, FL

“Body Check Journal™ is a wonderful resource during periods of stable health and would be invaluable during flare-ups to pinpoint the cause. I love how it empowers my daughter to take charge of her own health, even at a young age!”

– Alyssa, Louisville, KY

“If my daughter is not her usual peppy self, Body Check Journal™ helps me see what is lacking each day, if anything. I can go back to see if anything changed.”

– Michelle, Tipp City, OH

“Body Check Journal™ is an easy-to-use, one-of-a-kind way to track your child’s health. It is helpful in finding patterns and also to take to the doctor so you can present information on your child’s health in a clear, detailed manner.”

– Cartha, Sedalia, MO

“What a great way to track what’s changing with my child’s health.”

– Karen, Fort Wayne, IN

“Body Check Journal™ is an honest way for my daughter to mark what hurts today without having to say it.”

– Amy, Florham Park, NJ